Gestalt-therapy is a humanistic and existential psychotherapy


Gestalt-therapy focuses on the ongoing process of experience, in the present moment; it emphasizes personal responsibility and rehabilitates emotional knowledge. Its vision of human beings is holistic, and integrates five main dimensions:

  • affective
  • spiritual
  • physical
  • intellectual
  • relational & social

Contacting others and the environment, contacting our own desires and needs, is a constant experimentation. At best, this experience is a « creative adjustement » fed by and generating vital energy.

But some situations have remained unresolved and the associated emotions freeze and imprint themselves in our bodily and emotional memory; then our vital energy is consumed in repeating these unresolved situations.


I base my therapeutic practice on dialogue, on verbal and non-verbal language, contacting bodily memory and expressing emotions, exploring dreams and the imaginary realm. Withing the therapeutic relation, we track unresolved situations to untangle them and understand their meaning; within the client-therapist dialogue, we work on indentifying needs and ways to expand the realm of choices, experiencing new ways of being and adjusting to the world, combining freedom and responsability.

And you…

Gestalt-therapy can help you

  • if you face a difficult period of life: separation, grief, unemployment…

  • if you experience stress, anxiety, depression, solitude, dependences, addictions, eating disorders…

  • If you experience relational problems (professional, affective, sexual…),

  • if you feel you lack self-confidence or self-esteem, if you feel you are repeating the same mistakes and cannot set your own limits,

  • if you wish to take a time to find your own way, to think about the meaning of your life…

anne-2015After traveling across the world and studying anglo-american literature, I joined a humanitarian organization, where I supervized social workers implementing social and psychosocial activities in the slums of Manila, Philippines.

I received a complete training in Gestalt-therapy at the Ecole Parisienne de Gestalt – integrating Object Relations and Ruella Frank’s somatic and developmental approach, within a Gestalt, phenomenological framework.

I work as a Gestalt-therapist in Paris, in the 12e arrondissement (métro Nation). I am a member of the Fédération Française de Psychothérapie et Psychanalyse, an associate member of the Société Française de Gestalt, and a former member of APSOS.

Anne Carpentier
Relational psychotherapy
Adults – French – English

Paris 75012
Métro Nation

Auteur : annecarpentiergestalt

Gestalt-thérapeute certifiée - Membre de la FF2P Psychopraticienne titulaire du European Certificate of Psychotherapy Formatrice, superviseure accréditée par l'EAGT

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